Woodworking: Making a Step Stool


My little shop stool has gotten pretty rickety and unstable. It’s definitely not safe for me to stand on to get things off my lumber rack anymore. I needed something that would be more stable and be a touch taller. I thought it would be nice to have a shop stool that could also double as a step ladder. With that in mind, I drew up a Fisher’s Shop take on a common design for a step stool. This piece features a stable double A-frame designed stool with a nested set of steps that can flip out on an axle. This turned out to be a wonderful little addition to the shop! And with just half-lap and dado joinery, it was a cinch to put together. Check out the video and then pick up the plans to make yourself one of these handy little step-stools.

5 Tips for the Perfect Polyurethane Finish

Keep these 5 ideas in mind to obtain an ideal polyurethane coating on your timber projects. From brush quality to sanding, discover what really matters in the look of your final item!

Custom Built Bird Houses

Lean suggestions about selecting a wild bird nesting cavity for your home. Custom developed bird residences might be the appropriate solution as well as this write-up will certainly assist you make a better choice.

Some Costs You Should Keep Track of When Operating a Home Woodworking Business

Similar to any type of business beginning a woodworking organization from residence needs a strategy. Part of his strategy should consist of some means of monitoring the prices. Whether this is the cost of products used or the cost of labour, you need to maintain track. This will certainly inform you if are making a revenue or otherwise.

What To Consider When Choosing Lean-To Shed Plans

When selecting good quality lean-to dropped plans or any various other kinds of shed building directions you require to think about a number of points. First off you have to think about whether you are will to spend for these lean-to dropped strategies. There are a number advantages you will get when you buy plans compared to not paying. Of program not paying has the obvious benefit of getting something free of charge.

Basic Woodworking Shop Tools – The Band Saw

Several of the standard woodworking shop tools are the table saw, the band saw, the router, as well as the drill press. Bear in mind that these are just a couple of really standard devices; others include a miter saw, a sander, and a bench grinder just to call a couple of. In the meantime we will be concentrating on the band saw.