Fisher’s Shop – Shop Tour 2021


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It’s been a couple years since the last tour and there’s been quite a few upgrades and changes in the shop. I figured it was time for another tour to bring you all up to speed with the new additions and to let you see for yourself how I get things done in this little basement shop. For further detail on some of the pieces of shop furniture or the jigs, be sure to check out the other videos on my channel. Thanks and enjoy the tour!

Some of my other videos go into more detail on the topics discussed in this shop tour.
Here’s a list: – Two Sheet Tool Seat – Ultimate Table Saw Jigs 3 – Fisher’s Flip Cart – Rikon Bandsaw Review – French Cleat 1 – French Cleat 2 – Mobile Miter Station – Dust Shroud – LED Shop Lights – Shop Gantry – Oneida Supercell – Mobile Assembly Table – French Cleat Lumber Rack

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Make Woodworking More Enjoyable With Quality Tools

Individuals almost everywhere are uncovering the delight of woodworking. Today, when furniture as well as other sorts of wood-based manufacturing is relocating overseas, obtaining antique top quality is usually beside impossible.

What You Need To Know Before You Hire A Contractor

When you are building a new home or getting renovations done you are going to require an excellent specialist. Your specialist is the individual that is in charge of the entire project and who will make certain that everything gets done on time and on budget plan. Without this extremely important as well as experienced worker you might locate that things obtain escape of hand.

Beginner Woodworking Projects To Match Your Skills

Finding the right newbie woodworking tasks can be a bit complex if you’re just beginning. Nonetheless, it is necessary to find woodwork plans that match your abilities without entering over your head. Here’s just how.

Wood Working Plans and Projects

Woodworking strategies and ideas are as vital to you as maps and compasses are to navigators. It does not matter whether you are an amateur or a professional at building furniture; you need a great woodworking strategy as well as plenty of suggestions to fuel the imaginative process and also implement the project. When you have picked well, these strategies will certainly assist you conserve heaps of money, produce the exact item of furnishings you want, and enjoy along the road. Seems like a strategy, doesn’t it?

Small Wood Turning: Simple Gifts In A Complex World

Increasingly, we are ending up being an increasing number of challenging globe. Maps have transferred to GPS systems as well as we bring entire computer systems in our pockets and also call them phones. Present catalogues are full of technical marvels. Yet there is a lot to be claimed for the straightforward points in life and also small timber switchings offer a fantastic opportunity to have on hand purposeful presents made with easy products in addition to craftsmanship and treatment.


10 woodworking tips and tricks for beginners. These will change your life!…..or make you lose it.

10 woodworking tips and tricks for beginners

Here are my top 10 woodworking tips and tricks that are sure to help improve your abilities in the wood shop and create a safe working environment.

Disclaimer: Noe of the tips are actually meant to be used (with the exception of tip #05) and can cause serious bodily harm if attempted. Please do not try any of these in your wood shop.

Woodturning – A Wooden Handle

There are a number of appliances whose makers choose to utilize a wood handle. Wooden deals with are favored as a result of a variety of factors. Several of the major factors include their failure to perform warmth or electrical energy.

Making Your Own Baseball Bat

Playing baseball has over the years come to be a leisure activity for many university going students. It is as a result most baseball gamer’s dream to have their very own custom-made made wood bat.

Rub the Bevel

his is a short write-up about Woodturning Gouges, just how they are made and also exactly how they are made use of. There are lots of different strategies of usage, as well as each depends of the private timber turner. This article will just scratch the surface.

End Grain Checks and Cracks in Your Wood

In this short article we will certainly speak about what are checks as well as what are fractures in lumber as well as transforming blocks. What creates wood to check as well as crack as well as what can be done to quit or reduce down the process.

Considerations When Buying A Wood Lathe, Woodturning Tools and Other Equipment

When woodworkers begin considering taking up woodturning the initial thing they take into consideration is acquiring a lathe. This is just the beginning and also I suggest beginning small (cheap) until you understand without a doubt that woodturning is something you wish to pursue. It is very easy to invest a great deal of cash on tools as well as tools as well as then shed rate of interest.